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Add your voice to the “No Home To Go To” exhibition and the Baltic DP archive by filling out and submitting a questionnaire about your own or a family member’s experiences as a displaced person from Lithuania, Latvia, or Estonia.

Educators & students! 

Anyone wishing to conduct oral history interviews with former displaced persons are also welcome to complete the questionnaire and to submit their interview subjects’ responses to the “No Home to Go To” exhibition.


The preface of “No Home To Go To” states that it is an “unfinished” exhibition in that it continues to document and to collect the stories of individuals and families displaced by war, but whose stories have not yet been told.   To this end, the organizers of the exhibition have developed a questionnaire to assist in recording this important history.

The questionnaire is a downloadable and editable Microsoft Word document with a list of questions pertaining to the Baltic DP experience: flight from Estonia, Latvia, or Lithuania; time spent in DP Camps; and emigration to the US or another host country.  The questions are intended as guidelines only: respondents are welcome to add additional information or relevant stories.

Note, if you are filling out the form on someone else’s behalf for an interview or oral history project, please state both the interviewers and the subjects name and contact information on the form.  Although English responses are preferred, if you and/or your subject(s) feel(s) more comfortable answering the questions in your native language (Latvian, Estonian, or Lithuanian), please do so.

 When you complete the questionnaire, please send it to and put your last name and “Baltic DP Questionnaire” in the subject line. Or print it and send it by mail to:
Baltic DP Project, c/o Balzekas Museum of Lithuanian Culture, 6500 S. Pulaski Rd., Chicago, IL 60629, USA

Recorded audio and video interviews using  Zoom or Skype  are also welcome. Send your  MP4 (video) or  M4A (audio) files to Please put “Baltic DP Interview” in your subject line.

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