Soviet Visit to Kempten

The images below document a visit to Kempten DP camp by a Soviet official, who tried to persuade Lithuanian displaced persons to repatriate voluntarily to Soviet-occupied Lithuania. The photos were donated to the Balzekas Museum for the Baltic DP project and “No Home To Go To” Exhibition by Juozas Blažys, who writes:
“These photographs were taken in Kempten (Germany – Bavaria). As far as I recall, it was the spring of 1946. The Soviet-Russian government sent army officers to our camp. They were escorted by U.S. military police. Lithuanians were told to assemble in one area. Soviet-Russian military officers tried to convince us that we will all come back to the communist Lithuania. As far as I know, none of the Lithuanian refugee expressed the desire to go back to the communist Lithuania.”

— at Kempten DP Camp, Germany.