“Jaksonas” From Lithuania to America

Edward Jackson ("Jaksonas")

“Jaksonas” From Lithuania to America

A memoir by Edward Jackson

An illustrated autobiography in PDF format of the life of architect Edward Jackson (“Jaksonas”) who fled Lithuania in 1944 and eventually reached part of Germany that was liberated by the French. In his 143-page memoir, Jackson provides detailed information about his own life up to and during the war as well as his family history. He also gives a detailed overview of conditions in Lithuania during the Soviet and Nazi occupations; the pitfalls of traversing Europe on overcrowded trains during and immediately after the war; his life in German DP camps and as a university student; and his first steps in the United States and subsequent efforts to establish his architectural career and family. Jackson provides a thoughtful perspective of the challenges many displaced persons experienced and how they persevered in the face of danger and uncertainty. He concludes:

“No matter how our family suffered, we were very lucky to have come out of all the turmoil in one piece, and after settling in the United States, were able to lead peaceful lives.”

Edited by Anthony Cianciarulo and Irene Jackson Henry

December 2002

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