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The “No Home To Go To” exhibition has been extended indefinitely at the Balzekas Museum, Chicago. The Museum is temporarily closed due to COVID-19 restrictions. Visitors are welcome to tour the virtual “No Home To Go To” exhibition online >>>

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The “” website will be the permanent online home for the virtual “No Home To Go To” exhibition. See a preview of the exhibition here>>

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Add your voice to the “No Home To Go To” exhibition and the Baltic DP archive by filling out and submitting a questionnaire about your own or a loved one’s experiences as a displaced person from Lithuania, Latvia, or Estonia:

Learn Their Stories

A sample of Baltic DP questionnaire responses, videos, and other individual and family histories submitted to or recorded by the “No Home To Go To” exhibition is available below. ⬇︎

Baltic DP Archive

Currently in development, the Baltic DP Archive is a permanent online repository of images pertaining to the history of WWII refugees from Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania. Collected in preparation for the “No Home To Go To Exhibition”, well over a 1,000 photographs and documents, videos, publications, artifacts, and other materials–many from private collections–will be uploaded to the archive. Most items are directly related to Baltic WWII displaced persons or have been chosen to illustrate the general plight of refugees in Europe during and after World War II.  

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Baltic DPs on Facebook

The Baltic Displaced Persons Facebook community page,, is a global resource for information related to the Baltic DP experience: such as, archival materials, blogs, books, images, videos, scholarly works, and other projects. In addition to sharing their own stories and pictures, visitors can post comments and questions to the community at large.

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This delightful photograph entitled “Easter in the DP Camps”, was submitted by Ilze, who writes: “Here’s an Easter photo of little Ilzite and Dacite Celminas in Hanau DP camp in 1948. Mama made the folk costumes on her sewing machine carried out of Latvia.

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“No Home To Go To” was developed by the Balzekas Museum of Lithuanian Culture in collaboration with the Chicago Estonian House, the Latvian Folk Art Museum, and the Lithuanian Emigration Institute of Vytautas Magnus University in Kaunas, Lithuania. Please support the “No Home To Go To” exhibition city tour and programs, including lectures, film screenings, concerts, and book presentations; the continued collection and archiving of Baltic displaced persons’ testimonies, history, and artifacts; and the ongoing development of the permanent online virtual exhibition at this dedicated address: Your support is essential to the Baltic DP Project’s success and gratefully appreciated.

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After the War, Baltic Americans actively advocated and raised funds on behalf of Baltic refugees.

Money for the United Lithuanian Relief Fund of America

The United Lithuanian Relief Fund of America (Bendras Amerikos Lietuvių Fondas, known as BALFAS ) was founded on March 25, 1944 in Chicago for the purpose of aiding Lithuanian displaced persons by providing clothing, food, and other support. It worked together with the National War Fund, the National Catholic Welfare Conference, the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration, and the International Refugee Organization.

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